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Friday, December 10, 2010

Now Hiring: Sugar Daddy

not sure why he's in a speedo,
but you get the idea.
That's right.  I am now accepting applications for the position of: Sugar Daddy.  Qualified applicants must be willing and able to help this chick pay her bills (both past and present), earn a reasonable salary in a legitimate field, and pay for other important expenses including but not limited to:  shoes, nice evenings out, jewelery, drinks, etc.  Multiple positions open.  Please send résumé, references, and $50 application fee to my home address.  EOE. 

Why the sudden open positions?  Well, I thought this might be easier than finding an actual job.  Right now my employment will end on December 31st.  I'll still have my weekend job, but it's hard to imagine a place I've been at for almost 5 years not having a place for me anymore. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my boss.  It's not her fault, and really, she's doing everything she can to help me stay within the company, which is very awesome.  I've known her for about ten years now, but we both knew it would eventually come to this.  I mean, no one has a future in the printing industry.  However, I was kinda hoping, that I'd have my degree before it happened. 

So, since it'll be kinda tough paying the bills around here, not to mention paying for the amount of alcohol I like to consume, this sounded like a reasonable way to go about things.  If you know anyone interested . . . pass the word along.  K Thanks!